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Why High Achievers Seem to Get Much More Done

What Oprah and DiCaprio have in common...


Have you ever wondered why so many high achievers seem to get much more done than “everyone else?”


I don’t just mean Oprah and DiCaprio, but successful people in all industries over the course of their lives:


Serena Williams - Athlete
Brene Brown - Researcher
Meryl Streep - Actress
Deepak Chopra - Author
Denzel Washington - Actor
Sheila C. Johnson - Entrepreneur


What’s their secret to success?


They face the same (and sometimes more) struggles as everyone else, but how do they quickly overcome them and rise to the top?


The secret is…they constantly reinvest in support and frameworks...


which help them nail and scale their personal and professional aspirations!


This is the hallmark of any great leader - continuous education and self-development.



They seek out people who have already achieved the results they’re looking for to...

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How Mentorships Can Be Powerful

Mentors have a way of giving us the nudge we need to accomplish what we thought was impossible.


Think back to a time when someone inspired you.


Perhaps they spoke at an event you attended.


Maybe you connected with them through family and friends.


What was it about that person that was inspirational?


Was it the way they spoke or was it the message they shared?


Whatever your memory, they could be thought of as a mentor.


You don’t need a face-to-face relationship for someone to be considered a mentor.


In fact, you could read about someone’s life story or significant accomplishments.


And, their message, essence and energy moves you.


Sometimes, a TEDx talk or podcast touches your heart and soul. When you correspond with them through comments, posts or a conversation, you can make a great connection that may last for a reason, season or lifetime.


There might be times when you simply...

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3 Steps to Create New Habits

We’re 21 days into 2022. Let’s talk about forming new habits.


We all have times in our lives where we intentionally want to change our behavior for the better and create new habits for ourselves.


This could be getting into the habit of eating healthier and drinking more water.


Or it could be spending more quality time with loved ones and growing our business.


Or it could be work related, or spiritual, or…


There are so many areas in our lives that could be improved and made easier when we create new habits.


Getting into the habit of doing something is often easier said than done.


We seem to acquire not-so-good habits without any effort, but getting into a “good” habit can be a little more challenging.


Let’s break down new habits into a three-step process that makes it easy to follow until we’ve internalized the new behavior and made it a true habit – something we do...

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200 Sit Ups A Day

Every weekday, I workout.


This time last year, I couldn't even do one sit up.


Now, I crush 200 sit ups every weekday (Monday through Friday) along with a 30 or 45 minute workout.


The funny thing is...that I didn't wake up one day and say to myself "Self...let's do 200 sit ups today."


However, I did wake up one day at the beginning of this year with a desire to look and feel better and get physically stronger.


You husband, Ty, exercises consistently.


One day, I heard him watching a video (on YouTube) while working out.


I noticed the video had intense, more challenging exercises along with beginner modifications. Some workouts were short while others were longer.


I was intrigued and decided to try it.


And, I really liked it!


I started working out with my husband every weekday. We created a habit of exercising, encouraging each other, supporting one...

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Permission to Be Bold - Granted

You are a business. Whether you’re employed, self-employed, a business owner or investor. You’re in the business of creating what you want and how you want to influence and impact others.

Life is happening right now. We receive 24 hours a day. There are times when we’re leading our day and other times when life experiences are leading us. You inspire others when you’re focused on your vision, setting intentions and living your purpose.

You matter. Whether you’re touching one person or one hundred people with your mission, message and money.

Being bold implies taking actions despite risks, obstacles and opposing forces.

If you want to skyrocket your business success, consider the following habits.

7 Habits of Bold Business Owners

#1 – They stay in alignment with their vision

Visioning is the process of creating a picture in your mind of what you want. This includes all aspects of your life – health, finances, relationship, career and much...

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