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How Mentorships Can Be Powerful

Mentors have a way of giving us the nudge we need to accomplish what we thought was impossible.


Think back to a time when someone inspired you.


Perhaps they spoke at an event you attended.


Maybe you connected with them through family and friends.


What was it about that person that was inspirational?


Was it the way they spoke or was it the message they shared?


Whatever your memory, they could be thought of as a mentor.


You don’t need a face-to-face relationship for someone to be considered a mentor.


In fact, you could read about someone’s life story or significant accomplishments.


And, their message, essence and energy moves you.


Sometimes, a TEDx talk or podcast touches your heart and soul. When you correspond with them through comments, posts or a conversation, you can make a great connection that may last for a reason, season or lifetime.


There might be times when you simply don’t know what to do next.


A great mentor will show you possibilities. While they shouldn’t decide for you, they can give you some much-needed guidance.


If you follow the guidance of a mentor and it doesn’t work out, it simply might not be the right path for you or maybe you didn’t follow all the steps. The responsibility lies within us.


While there are mentors who might not be a good fit, it's up to us to discover what works.


But, once you do, you will have a powerful resource to help you thrive.


The power of mentorships is revealed when we are willing to accept, receive and take inspired action based on the guidance from our mentor. These actions could take us outside our comfort zone.


Oftentimes, this shift in mindset and behavior leads to the BOLD breakthroughs that keep us stuck or hold us back. When this happens, we are in awe of the value a mentor provides and so much more.


I’m personally grateful for all the mentors I’ve had over the years and those I’ve mentored.


You never know whose life you are touching right now. Similarly, take time to acknowledge the mentors, guides and gurus who move you.


Mentorships can be a powerful force for good. Let’s continue to do our part to get tuned in and turned on by it.


What mentorships move you?


~I'd love to hear about it.


Would you like to tap into the power of having a mentor? If you said, yes, then, let's connect.

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