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200 Sit Ups A Day

Every weekday, I workout.


This time last year, I couldn't even do one sit up.


Now, I crush 200 sit ups every weekday (Monday through Friday) along with a 30 or 45 minute workout.


The funny thing is...that I didn't wake up one day and say to myself "Self...let's do 200 sit ups today."


However, I did wake up one day at the beginning of this year with a desire to look and feel better and get physically stronger.


You husband, Ty, exercises consistently.


One day, I heard him watching a video (on YouTube) while working out.


I noticed the video had intense, more challenging exercises along with beginner modifications. Some workouts were short while others were longer.


I was intrigued and decided to try it.


And, I really liked it!


I started working out with my husband every weekday. We created a habit of exercising, encouraging each other, supporting one another and pushing ourselves when we didn't feel like it.


A few weeks after getting started, a video came on after one of our workouts showing a couple of guys doing 200 push ups at one time in less than 15 mins.


My husband said, "I can do that!"


I was so inspired by him (and not really thinking). I said, "I'll match your 200 push ups by doing 200 sit ups.


He said, "you're on!" 


By the time my mind caught up with what I physically committed to do, I started to back peddle.


I went through all kinds of mental gymnastics such as the desire to back out even though there was a part of me that knew I could do it (I just didn't know how).


I noticed that I was getting caught up in "how am I going to do this?!"


I stopped myself (or I should say my inner guidance system gave me a gentle nudge) and I shifted into possibilities.


So...I broke this 200 sit up challenge down into parts.


I told Ty I would start off with 50 sit ups a day for 1 week, then, 100 the next week, 150 the following week until I was up to 200 a day within one month.


This happened back in March of this year.


And, I'm still doing 200 sit ups + more intensive and challenging workouts.


As we are winding down finish strong...


What lifestyle changes do you want to make?


There's a proven process to fulfill your inner longing for change and make it a reality.


All you have to do is follow the urge.


~Dena Patrice


When you're ready to live in alignment with your values, I'm here to help you shift from what slows you down, stands in your way or even stops you, so that you can experience what you truly desire. Why wait. Let's chat.


P.S.S. Don't let your mind get in the way of what your heart and soul is telling you. Be well and keep moving forward.

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