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How Mentorships Can Be Powerful

Mentors have a way of giving us the nudge we need to accomplish what we thought was impossible.


Think back to a time when someone inspired you.


Perhaps they spoke at an event you attended.


Maybe you connected with them through family and friends.


What was it about that person that was inspirational?


Was it the way they spoke or was it the message they shared?


Whatever your memory, they could be thought of as a mentor.


You don’t need a face-to-face relationship for someone to be considered a mentor.


In fact, you could read about someone’s life story or significant accomplishments.


And, their message, essence and energy moves you.


Sometimes, a TEDx talk or podcast touches your heart and soul. When you correspond with them through comments, posts or a conversation, you can make a great connection that may last for a reason, season or lifetime.


There might be times when you simply...

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People helping people (witnessing compassion, kindness and consideration)

Over the past week, I have witnessed compassion, kindness and consideration during this public health crisis (COVID-19).

People are helping people navigate their thoughts, feelings, circumstances and behaviors as we're collectively letting go of "what used to be" and "being with...what is happening now."

I've been in conversations with global and industry leaders who have been taking bold actions to create resources, hotlines, prayer groups, and tools to support our communities.

I'm here to help.

If you have services you'd like to share or know someone who wants to share how they help (this includes mental and physical health, spirituality, education, financial, relationship/family and any other areas I missed), then, email [email protected] and I'll connect with you.  

Sometimes, one post, message, email or conversation can change someone's life or support and sustain someone's business.

Regardless of our circumstances, we are in this together....

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[Business Spotlight] Sharryn Hosts Exquisite Pop Up Boutiques

The journey of becoming a business owner is unique.

In honor of Women’s Month, we're shedding our business spotlight on Gran Cee Handbags & Accessories.

Sharryn Harewood, Founder and Owner of Gran Cee Handbags & Accessories, carefully hand-picks timeless items to become a part of your story.

“Gran Cee is committed to carrying selections for every b-o-d-y, no matter size, age, or personal taste. All women deserve to feel special, confident and able to ‘Shop Your Style’.”

Sharryn recently hosted a successful, exquisite spring pop up boutique at the Hotel Indigo in Vinings, Georgia. When you spend time with Sharryn, you'll receive a loving, personal touch that leaves you wanting more. And, when you purchase a timeless handbag and/or accessory, you'll accentuate your authenticity.

What inspires Sharryn?

Growing up in New York, Sharryn observed, discovered and embraced the gift of adding stunning accessories to a woman’s entire look from her...

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