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[Business Spotlight] Sharryn Hosts Exquisite Pop Up Boutiques

The journey of becoming a business owner is unique.

In honor of Women’s Month, we're shedding our business spotlight on Gran Cee Handbags & Accessories.

Sharryn Harewood, Founder and Owner of Gran Cee Handbags & Accessories, carefully hand-picks timeless items to become a part of your story.

“Gran Cee is committed to carrying selections for every b-o-d-y, no matter size, age, or personal taste. All women deserve to feel special, confident and able to ‘Shop Your Style’.”

Sharryn recently hosted a successful, exquisite spring pop up boutique at the Hotel Indigo in Vinings, Georgia. When you spend time with Sharryn, you'll receive a loving, personal touch that leaves you wanting more. And, when you purchase a timeless handbag and/or accessory, you'll accentuate your authenticity.

What inspires Sharryn?

Growing up in New York, Sharryn observed, discovered and embraced the gift of adding stunning accessories to a woman’s entire look from her exuberant fashionista mother.

Her passion for fashion continued to flow through her heart and soul throughout her 25-year career in hotel hospitality where distinctive presentations are essential. Sharryn also has a global perspective on style that developed as a result of being a frequent traveler with her “Navy Man” husband.

What’s the One Thing That Disturbed Sharryn?

She noticed there were limited stylish fashion options for the "curvy girl."

“In my eyes, this was wrong. All women should have the chance to celebrate their uniqueness. So, with a lifetime of experience and a BBA in Marketing, I decided to fill that void. In 2016, I created Gran Cee, a pop-up boutique catering to women with timeless, elegant taste."-Sharryn Harewood

The Story Behind the Business Name of Gran Cee

When Sharryn’s son was born, her mother titled herself “Gran” and included “Cee” which is the first letter of Sharryn’s maiden name. Her mother signed letters and cards to her grandson as “Gran Cee.” The elegant style and vibrant spirit of Gran Cee continues to live on through the company.

We want to thank Sharryn for bringing the vision of Gran Cee Handbags & Accessories into our world.

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