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Find the Good When Things Are Bad to Sustain Your Business


 If you’ve been wondering how to continue making pivots in your business (and do it in a weekend), then, you’re gonna love hearing from my special guest.


In March, she planned to host a live event in Atlanta that she cancelled two weeks beforehand as the global pandemic took the stage.


Natolie Warren is an International Speaker, Author, and Visibility & Mindset Coach who realized a bigger vision in the midst of having to make a shift in hosting her annual summit.


She went from kicking and screaming (can you relate??) to adjusting and pivoting to create a virtual event for her audience. She noticed a need for conference attendees to deeply connect with each other and implement their learning while they are in the room getting support.


In my candid conversation with Natolie, I asked about her experience and how we can up level our businesses in a weekend.


Natolie has authored two transformational books, hosted 9 soul stirring live events (over the years) and launched a purpose-filled mindset podcast to inspire you to become the person you were created to be.


Our conversation is less than 10 minutes. You’ll get some amazing insights that will inspire you to take you business to the next level.


I love good energy and amazing people like Natolie who’s definitely a heart-centered, high achiever here to help you finish your year strong.


When we align with the currency of living in generosity, we all benefit.




Sending lots of love,
Dena Patrice


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