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Let's DEVELOP and
GROW your business.


Are you ready to have a business booked solid while enjoying your life?

You are unique and so is you business. Let's create business systems that work for you.

It's one thing to recognize your desire to make changes,

and it's another...

to have someone by your side to help you disrupt your patterns and transform yourself and your world.


(at least according to over 100+ business owners, leaders and independent experts we've served to transform their life, leadership or business)

Hey! I'm Dena Patrice.

I work privately with business owners, leaders and independent experts to plan, process, think and thrive.
We are living in unparalleled times of disruption and change. 
Our inner and outer world is calling us forth into our greatest potential.
The challenges we are facing to navigate our lives, careers and businesses rely on clarity, courage, and commitment along with a plan and a process to manifest it.
I'm here to help you disrupt yourself and your patterns to transform your world your way.
If you've tried everything on your own to change your life, leadership or business and it's frustrating...

Then, all you need to do is take the next step to turn this around. 
Are you ready?
If it's YES, then, let's connect.

Let's finally create the change you desire.

Showing up takes courage day in, and day out. Every day. 

Let's take what you've achieved, build upon that to further your impact without agonizing over complexities.

What would happen if you increased your impact and income? 

Download THE MAP. A consistent stream of customers comes from consistently solving their CORE problems.
Our clear, proven path allows you to create and customize your impact and income without complicated strategies, tech stress and overwhelm...

Imagine...the peace of mind knowing you have a process in place to generate new business and implement growth opportunities to advance your business


A streamlined business model to amplify how you serve your audience and monetize your offers


A customized recurring revenue system without complex strategies, tech stress, and overwhelm


An proven process to reach your customers and generate revenue to accelerate success

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