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10 Tips On Working From Home With Little Kids

Welcome to our guest blogger this week, Cassie Howard.

It's a crazy season right now - everyone is at home, the kids aren't in school, and you just may feel like pulling your hair out from all of the demands they make every day.

You want to enjoy your kids while they are little, but you also want to be able to run a successful business while working from home. Here are some ideas to keep you working while you've got a child at home for awhile.

1. Work early in the morning or late at night - and during nap time if you’re lucky enough that naps still exist in your life.

2. Set a work-from-home schedule and try to stick with it. Establishing a schedule (as best you can) while they are still little will help them to understand what you do, as they get older, and are more likely to give you the time you need. 

3. Schedule in time for interruptions and play-breaks so you can manage your stress levels and not feel guilty about not working or not playing enough with your...

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