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The Secret Success of High Achievers

High achievers – in both the online world and in the corporate world – generally have positive attitudes, know how to take action, and know how to ask for help. They’re not afraid to bring in experts to help them improve their leadership and development skills.

Taking action is not necessarily an inborn trait but it’s certainly a skill that can be learned. High achievers don’t reach their level of success by overthinking their business plans or by waiting for opportunities to present themselves. Those are quick ways to stall your business.

High Achievers Develop Confidence

High achievers learn to develop the confidence to make smart decisions and take action without overthinking or asking for approval. Developing that confidence is something a coach can help their clients achieve.

Knowing one’s limits and knowing when to ask for help are evident when a high achiever decides to hire a coach or an employee. They know they need help; they see the value in hiring help, and they find a solution instead of wallowing in their misery, complaining about how they can’t get anything done. Even corporate CEO's will hire executive coaches to help them with presentation skills, negotiating skills, and creating their path to the next great job opportunity.

How to Hire a Coach

If you know you want to hire a coach to help you reach high achiever status, it’s time to set up an interview process. Anybody can call themselves a “coach” and it’s basically an unregulated field, so doing your due diligence is absolutely required.

First, consult your business network or mastermind groups to ask for recommendations. While these recommendations come in, create your own list of traits you want in your perfect coach. How do you want them to treat you? Do you want a full-of-energy coach or one who is more reserved and laid back? How quickly do you want to work toward your goals? Do you want someone local so you can work face to face or is a virtual coach alright?

After you receive your recommendations and do your own research, it’s time to interview.

Don’t just hire the first person who has an opening. Put the same care and consideration into hiring a coach, just like you would hire an employee or contractor.

You want someone who is interested in your goals, who has the time and desire to work with you and has a vested interest in seeing you succeed.

Once you find your perfect coach, get down to work!

~Dena Patrice

Need help to accelerate your success? Then, let’s talk.

Dena Patrice has become a highly sought-after professional mentor and coach to admired business owners, senior leaders and executives seeking private consultations to implement proven strategies and solutions to grow their business. Visit to learn more.

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