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It's time to say goodbye.

  • Goodbye to feelings of exhaustion and overwhelm
  • Goodbye to doubting the power and legitimacy of building a business and life you love
  • Goodbye to inconsistent cashflow 
  • Goodbye to never feeling like you have enough time
  • Goodbye to the hamster wheel of late nights and no progress

All of this is possible, and it's
what I love to help you do.

I believe heart-centered, high-achieving business owners have the power to create a peaceful, prosperous and fulfilling world providing their products and services, and I’m here to help make this a reality. 

I'll help you overcome your top challenges to leverage your time, simplify your business and enhance your lifestyle.

In our time together, you will...

  • Develop confidence and feel courageous as you begin to see obstacles as opportunities
  • Become fully aware of self-sabotaging thoughts, patterns, and behaviors
  • Experience peace of mind knowing you have the power to create the business and life you love
  • Feel bold and beautiful as you come to believe in and trust yourself again
  • Create strategies and systems that support you


25+ years to support you



Dena earned her bachelor's degree in Accounting from Wilberforce University and Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance from Clark Atlanta University. She completed her Money Coach Certification at the Money Coach Institute in 2005 and began Co-Active coach training with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in 2006.

Through her educational background, and over 25 years in public accounting and global banking, Dena developed a very unique perspective that lends itself to providing strategic solutions to common business and leadership challenges for business owners.

Additionally, Dena has become a highly sought-after professional mentor and coach to admired business owners, senior leaders and executives seeking private consultations to implement proven strategies and solutions to grow their business. She serves as a Founding Faculty Coach member for High Achievers. Dena has an uncanny ability to recognize the gap between your beliefs and actions and how to bridge them.

She believes that we have the power to create a peaceful, prosperous and fulfilling world by transforming our collective beliefs about the role of money in society.

As a result of her reputation to deliver high quality advice and guidance with clarity, she continues to spearhead a flourishing industry where the need for consummate and trusted professionals is an absolute necessity.

  • I was born and raised in the Midwest, specifically Ohio and I moved to the South to escape the cold winters
  • I have a beautiful blended family of 8 with my husband, Ty (we're rolling 10 deep when adding Ty and myself)
  • I enjoy visiting vegan restaurants (no meat, dairy, or animal by-products)
  • I’ve been vegan for 25 years and I enjoy trying new and different plant-based entrees
  • I’m deeply spiritual, I sit in silence to meditate every day
  • I rarely watch TV unless it’s a really funny show or inspiring movie
  • I believe we have the power to transform the world through compassion and demonstrating peace and harmony


You are so close to having what you need to
continue your journey onward and upward.
I would be honored to help you find what you need.


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