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We love when our business owners get results. 

We are humbled to have clients who have increased their profits by 30-50%, developed systems to sustain their business and appeared on national television and local radio shows to expand their impact.

Here are some real-life examples of what clients have been able to accomplish in our work together.

Tiggett Consulting

Expanded My Business Worldwide

Working with Dena has truly been a blessing. Dena's knowledge and wisdom made my transition from the corporate world to becoming a business owner successful, peaceful and phenomenal. Through her business development sessions and training modules, I transitioned from a Stone Age business into the world of digital marketing with ease. 

 Dena is a remarkable mentor and coach who provides me with the tools and resources I need to keep that professional and personal balance every woman needs in order to be successful in this day and age. Dena is fully equipped with connections to take your business from a brick and mortar to a successful online business. As a result, I expanded my business worldwide.

A Life Changing Experience

As a busy coach, entrepreneur and mother, I knew I could use help in different areas of my life, but I wasn't sure how to get past some of the mental roadblocks. Dena tapped into many of my inner thoughts during our work together.

 I was better able to understand how I could overcome barriers that were preventing me from accomplishing my goals of becoming healthier and to lose weight.

 Dena is professional, personable and knowledgeable about coaching. I received an incredible introspection that I had not experienced before. The techniques were excellent. They empowered me to continue to move forward with my goals.

One Full Life


Your story doesn't have to end here. What you've built matters, and together we can add the necessary pieces to make it stronger and even more powerful.


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